Safe Zone About Us

Students & Alumni

Please check out the resources below, which are available to Georgia State University students and alumni.

  • Delta Lambda Phi  931 Monroe Drive, Suite 102-287, Atlanta, GA 30308. 404-365-5357. Social gay fraternity for all campuses.
  • Emory Pride 404-727-0272.
  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance of West Georgia College PO Box 10007, West Georgia College, Carrollton, GA 30018.
  • Gay and  Lesbian Student Organization at Kennesaw State College 770-423-6246.
  • Georgia Tech Gay Alumni Association. PO Box 350291, Georgia Tech Station, Atlanta, GA 30332.
  • GLOBES PO Box 7864, Athens, GA 30604. 706-546-4611. Group for gay, lesbian or bisexual faculty, staff and students at the University of Georgia.
  • Harvard Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Caucus PO Box 7281, Atlanta, GA 30357.
  • Lambda Alliance LGBTQA students at the University of Georgia.
  • Outlet 404-634-9353. Oglethorpe University group.
  • Triangle Georgia Southern GLB Student Organization PO Box 12491, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. 912-681-5803.